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Goodbye blisters, hello happy feet

Blister prevention that lasts. Gone are the days of sacrificing comfort for style. With blistabloc's reactive shoe insert - b.bloc™, blisters are a thing of the past. Apply to the inside of your shoe and off you go- more pride, less pain!

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Smart Tech

b.bloc™ by blistabloc is the only reactive shoe insert that prevents blisters from forming. Once taped inside of a shoe, b.bloc™’s unique material properties reduce friction by reacting to how hard an individual’s feet work.

blistabloc’s transparent, ultra thin insert adheres to the inside of your shoe-not your skin- and is designed to mold to the heel, toe, and strap areas of flats, high heels, boots, dress shoes and boat shoes. Peel, Place, Press and off you go- blister free!

manufactured in USA
sustainable and recyclable
founded by two female entrepreneurs
lasts for the lifetime of your shoe
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How It Works

1 Peel off
2 Stick in desired location
3 Press firmly into shoe
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here's to happy feet!

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