goodbye blisters, hello happy feet.

Finally, a long-term solution to blister prevention.

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what is b.bloc© by blistabloc?

b.bloc©, is a clear-adhesive insert that goes into your shoes- not on your skin- and prevents blisters for months on end. No more Band-Aids that lose their stick and goopy lotions that have to be constantly reapplied.

how it works

looking to help your customers break in their shoes?

Ensure your customers stay with you for years to come. We partner with shoe manufacturers and retailers across the country to deliver exceptional customer service beyond the point of purchase. Make sure your customers can break in their new shoes- blister free.

  • men, women children- blisters don’t discriminate

    New work boots? Just bought back-to-school shoes for your kids? blistabloc works for everyone no matter your age or gender.

  • don't sacrifice comfort for style

    Wear what you want and stop having to worry about blisters ruining your day or night.

  • your style side kick

    Smooth and durable, blistabloc can be placed wherever your shoe gives your blisters. It will save the day (or night)!

people love us

I swear it feels like angel kisses on the insides of my boots.

I had a pair of heels at work that would always give me blisters. Once I tried blistabloc I was able to wear the heels all day. They did a great job breaking in the fabric.

This product is such a life/shoe saver. From my sneakers to my heels to my boots...blistabloc keeps my feet blister free! I'm obsessed and recommend to all of my friends!

I’m always on the go. The blistabloc inserts allowed me to wear shoes that previously gave me immediate blisters. I won’t let a blister slow me down again!

I bought the cutest pair of Keds slides and immediately regretted wearing them anywhere more than a parking lot walk away. Then I put Blistablocs in them and WOW- I’m amazed. Have worn a couple times now and goodbye shredded, painful heel blisters. I’m so excited for a blister-preventing option that actually works.

I used blistabloc in my flats that usually would cause a blister after walking around for more than an hour. Once inside of my shoe, I couldn't believe that my feet were protected- it was a miracle!