10 fast-facts about blistabloc

1. blistabloc goes into your shoes, not on your skin.

2. b.bloc© inserts are a patent-pending long-term solution for preventing blisters.

3. The acrylic-adhesive we use means blistabloc will stay in place for years to come- rain or shine. (Band-Aids can’t say that!)

5. Sweaty feet- no problem. The dynamic properties of the inserts absorb friction and react to how hard your feet work.

6. Each insert is clear, ultra thin, and flexible to mold to any shoe’s cut, style, or material. This means blistabloc means will never clash with your style or be viewable to others.

7. Each packages includes 4 b.bloc© inserts (2 large inserts, 2 small inserts), specifically designed for the high-pressure areas of your shoes. The large inserts are best for the parts of your shoes that touch your heel while the small inserts work best for straps and sides of your shoes.

8. Our inserts are made from sustainably sourced materials.

9. We work with family-operated businesses in Massachusetts.

10. We are 100% women-owned and operated.