We are two women determined to make blisters a thing of the past.

One an avid marathon runner, the other a fitness instructor, we were tired of getting blisters when we stepped out of our sneakers and into “real shoes”. When we did get blisters we were let down by the solutions available to us- a BandAid that loses it stick, a lotion that creates a mess or the “suck it up” approach which… helped no one!

Near the tail-end of our MBA, we set out to develop a long-term blister prevention solution. Hundreds of hours of research and customer interviews later, blistabloc was born.

Since launching in August, 2018- we’ve won over $20,000 in “shark tank” style business competitions and were named Mass Innovation Nights’ Favorite Product in December 2018. Scaling across markets, from high heels to boat shoes, from flats to work boots,

we're redefining the sacrifices both women and men have made for fashion, style and comfort.

We love learning from other business owners and hearing from our customers, you can reach us both at hello@blistabloc.com.