She said, its a high-heel day.

She said, its a high-heel day.

Finding confidence through your shoes.

Pain is not beauty, pain is pain. Confidence, now that is beautiful.
One of my coworkers walked into the office today and her Louis Vuitton’s. Let me put this in perspective; we work at a startup where wearing jeans is deemed dressed up. So with a little bit of sarcasm and high-pitched voice I remarked “damn girl.”

She stood tall, looked my dead on and said “it’s going to be one of those days- definitely a high-heel day.” It caught me by surprise. “What is a high-heel day?”

She began to explain that she wears heels on days that are full of not so easy meetings during which she knows she will be challenged. But in her heels, she feels a sense of confidence is and ready to take on whatever is thrown her way.
I thought about it — high-heels are a statement, an iconic symbol that for many woman provide a sense of pride sneakers may not. However, it’s also safe to say that most females fall prisoner to a daily decision when it comes to their shoe choices: function or fashion?


Regardless of the group, females are always sacrificing something; comfort for beauty or beauty for comfort.

Research has shown, that on average a woman owns 20 different pairs of shoes at any given time, however they only rotate through four or five due to the physical element of pain alone. 
Imagine if we could change that. Create a style the embodies confidence and comfort. One that lets you shine in you’re own skin, clothes, and shoes. One that fits your very own, unique self and brings you the highest level of confidence — pain free.