Thankful for Nisolo

Thankful for Nisolo

Our fortunate ability to partner with a company that has values we believe in.

As Jacqueline and I continue to grow blistabloc, we are always walking a tightrope to make sure that our partnerships are both strategically beneficial and align with our core beliefs. Given that between the two of us we hold complete ownership of blistabloc, we are able to have the final say in the path we lead. We are always making sure that our partners have a good reputation, make an impact, and most importantly — care more about the people they work with and the customers they serve.



Last month we got an email from just that company.

Meet Nisolo. Nisolo is based out of Nashville, TN and I could not be more in love with who they are as a company. With factories in Peru, Mexico and Kenya — Nisolo’s company mission ensures that all 500+ workers in their supply chain receive, at a minimum, beyond fair trade wages, healthcare, and a healthy working environment. By doing so, Nisolo can design and produce, quality products and guarantee that everyone — from the first supplier to the end consumer — is treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Nisolo reached out after seeing a post about blistabloc on Instagram. A few great conversations later, Nisolo decided to include blistabloc as a solution for customers to break in their new shoes. When it comes to Nisolo’s beautiful leather shoes, the break-in process is a sign of a quality shoe that will last. Which is as they say on their website, “is why you don’t need to break in rubber flip-flops”!

For the time being, blistabloc will be included in the Emma Oxford in black, their top selling shoe (gasp! need for Christmas!). We are also featured in Nisolo’s FAQs and blog about how customers should break-in their new shoes.



So as we enter the Thanksgiving holiday- I’m thankful for many things, but today I cannot stop smiling about Nisolo. A company that embodies the values all global retailers should strive for. Furthermore, Nisolo is another innovative, customer-centric company that believes in Jacqueline and I — two girls from Boston full of ideas and a passion for solving problems. And for that, I am thankful.



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