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News @ Northeastern: Women face enough challenges in the workplace. These graduates won’t let blisters be another.

News @ Northeastern: Women face enough challenges in the workplace. These graduates won’t let blisters be another.

"Connors sees this daily discomfort as just another challenge facing women in business, whose professional wardrobe often requires uncomfortable footwear. She and fellow Northeastern graduate Jacqueline Quill decided that the way to solve this problem for women in the workforce is by starting their own business.  

“Our philosophy was that if we could find a product that helped women to comfortably own their stride on the pavement and at work, it would foster a great sense of confidence,” said Quill.

Connors and Quill launched the company, which they called blistabloc, after they designed a clear adhesive insert that anyone can tape into their shoes to prevent blisters. Its patent-pending design is supposed to react as your feet move to reduce friction, which is what they say causes blisters."

Read more here: https://news.northeastern.edu/2018/10/23/women-face-enough-challenges-in-the-workplace-these-graduates-wont-let-blisters-be-another/

Hingham Journal: ‘blistabloc’ blister buster has Hingham connection

Hingham Journal: ‘blistabloc’ blister buster has Hingham connection

"Hingham High School 2008 graduate Katherine Connors, launched her own business with her classmate, Jacqueline Quill who she met while completing her MBA at Northeastern University. The two women created b.bloc™ by blistabloc, which is a clear-adhesive insert that is applied onto your shoe and will prevent blisters for years to come. Connors is an avid runner, having run 18 marathons over the past 9 years and was frustrated by the lack of long term solutions to blister prevention when she wanted to wear more formal footwear -- such as heels and flats.

“When I worked out in the gym or went for long runs, it was rare I would get blisters from my shoes. But when I wanted to wear heels or flats, I would immediately get blisters and aside from Band Aids which would fall off, there wasn’t much I could do” said Connors. “That is when Jacqueline and I sat down and started to figure out what actually caused blisters and we created blistabloc. We’ve had hundreds of customers thus far and they have used blistabloc in flats, heels, boat shoes, slip on sneakers, boots and more. It feels great to be helping so many people!”

Connors and Quill had several mentors while at Northeastern and won a $10,000 grant from IDEA, Northeastern’s venture accelerator."

Read more here: https://hingham.wickedlocal.com/news/20180928/blistabloc-blister-buster-has-hingham-connection