Medium: IDEA- December 2018 Gap Funding: blistabloc

Medium: IDEA- December 2018 Gap Funding: blistabloc

"We’ve all experienced it before: you excitedly put on a brand-new pair of shoes only to realize a few minutes later that they have given you painful blisters. For blistabloc co-founders Katherine Connors and Jacqueline Quill, this presented a massive opportunity to develop a product that could one day serve millions. Connors and Quill met while getting their MBA at Northeastern University — and a classroom project quickly became a full-fledged business. blistabloc’s flagship product b.bloc™, is a clear, adhesive insert that goes into your shoes, and significantly reduces friction, one of the main causes of blisters.

The company has come a long way since its inception. Connors and Quill received a first round of Gap Funding in August 2018, the same month they officially went into business. Today, just over a year after beginning the venture, the co-founders are not only wiser but are knowledgeable about the market they serve. By securing Gap Funding this past December blistabloc will continue to grow product awareness in new markets, secure additional wholesale partnerships with shoe retailers, as well as further solidify their e-commerce business."

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