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Our stride.

Hundreds of shoes and way too many blisters later, we reached our inevitable breaking point; "why can't all shoes be comfortable?" Rather than wondering, we've reinvented the notion of style and comfort. No more shoe swapping, barefoot nights, and makeshift bandages. We're empowering people to strut their stuff and own the pavement, entirely blister-free.

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Magic at first blister.

Flaunting stylish work attire complete with some good old kicks, we caught eyes and just knew- "her feet kill too". We are two women, passionate about solving problems and changing customers' mindsets, both with an unwavering desire to live life as active as possible. Determined to end the belief that "pain is beauty," we set out to develop a blister prevention solution, that adheres to the shoe - not skin - and works with any style, size, or material shoe. A little magic and a lot of customer insight later, b.bloc by blistabloc was born.

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Our Team


Katherine Connors

Marketing & Sales Heroine
dedicated and loyal: everyone's best friend

Katherine is a marathon runner (17, but who's counting) who lives for weekends on Block Island and days full of all things marketing and customer interaction. Fueled by cultivating relationships that last and work that matters, Katherine lives for bringing out the best in people. A blister free life means a life of freedom for Katherine!


Jacqueline Quill

Strategy & Finance Ninja
energetic and efficient: go-to adventure buddy

Jacqueline lives for progress and is biased towards action in all facets of life. A die-hard cape cod mermaid with a passion for anything outdoors, Jacqueline strives to balance a strategic mix of scrappiness and detail in all business initiatives. A sneaker lover, she is relentless in the pursuit of building out her collection of pain-free stylish shoes that own the dance floor.

scout team

Scout Team

Creative development of the packaging, logo, and website was beautifully produced by Scout at Northeastern University. Learn more about Scout!

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We want to hear from you!

Drop us a line and tell us how you are using blistabloc, what is working and how to give you exactly what you need.

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